Committee of Permanent Representatives based review

As a follow up to the subcommittee meeting of the Committee held on 16 January, and as part of the third consultation meeting on the “Process for review by the Committee of Permanent Representatives”, the co-facilitators in the lead invited member States and stakeholders to provide substantive inputs on the following documents:

1.    The document entitled “Emerging consensual elements by the co-facilitators”;

2.    Subparagraphs 7.1 – 7.5 as well as the annexed draft Terms of Reference in the Secretariat document “Note from the Secretariat for the 2nd consultation meeting on the Process for review by the Committee of Permanent Representatives: Options under subparagraph 10 (b)”;

3.    Any additional inputs in preparation for the discussion on Decision 4/2 subparagraph 10 c) on “Criteria, modalities and timing for presenting and negotiating draft resolutions and decisions”.

On the basis of the inputs received, the Secretariat will present a revised proposal of the draft Terms of Reference based on the guidance provided for consideration by the Committee at a later stage in the process.