Secretariat of Governing Bodies and Stakeholders

Jorge Laguna-Celis

Secretary of Governing Bodies

The Secretariat of Governing Bodies is responsible for supporting the Governing Bodies of UN Environment Programme, which consists of the UN Environment Assembly (formerly the Governing Council) and its subsidiary inter-sessional body, the open-ended Committee of Permanent Representatives, as well as the ad hoc open-ended expert group on marine litter and microplastics as mandated by UNEA resolution 4/6. The Secretariat organizes and services all meetings of the governing bodies. The Secretariat coordinates closely with the Division of Conference Services of the UN Offices in Nairobi.  

The Secretariat also provides the main channel of communication with Governments and stakeholders, and works closely with other UN Environment Programme divisions and regional offices to provide timely information on the programme and work of the UN Environment Programme. The Secretariat coordinates UN Environment Programme relations with the Permanent Missions to UN Environment Programme, Ministries of Environment and other relevant authorities. It also maintains a member States directory with contact information.

Governing Bodies Unit

Ulf Bjornholm

Deputy Secretary of Governing Bodies

The Governing Bodies Unit performs various functions, including coordinating and servicing the meetings of the Committee of Permanent Representatives and the UN Environment Assembly; maintaining the channel of communication with Governments; providing timely information on the programme and activities of UNEP in support of Governments as well as coordinating UNEP relations with the Permanent Missions to the UN Environment Programme, Ministers of Environment and other relevant authorities.

Civil Society Unit

Alexander Juras

Head of Civil Society Unit

The Civil Society Unit is committed to partnering with Major Groups and Stakeholders in order to ensure transparency and inclusiveness in the intergovernmental decision-making process at UNEP. The Unit engages with the accredited civil society organizations, such as not-for-profit organizations, networks and associations, to support the implementation of UNEP’s mandate. The Unit also channels the voices of those most likely to be directly affected by environmental problems and related policies, and call needed attention to emerging environmental issues.

Private Sector Unit

Kamar Yousuf

Head of Private Sector Unit

The Private Sector Unit of the Governance Affairs Office was established in January 2018 as the coordinating hub for the UN Environment Programme’s (UNEP) engagement with private sector and business coalitions. We ensure that engagement with the private sector is impactful, transformative and positively contributes to the implementation of our Programme of Work and the 2030 Agenda.