Intersessional Period

The Bureau of the ad hoc open-ended expert group on marine litter and microplastics (AHEG) decided at its meeting of 25 March 2020, to postpone the fourth session of the AHEG (AHEG-4) initially scheduled for 4-8 May 2020. This decision was taken due to the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In light of this decision, and with a view to facilitating further progress and revision of the working documents ahead of the next expert group meeting, the Secretariat has prepared, at the request of and in close consultation with the Bureau of the expert group, an intersessional roadmap of virtual meetings and other activities. The roadmap has been designed to allow for further discussions and engagement amongst participants of the expert group as well as to encourage additional submissions to the stocktaking (resolution 4/6 subparagraph 7a) and potential response options (resolution 3/7 subparagraph 10d).

As outlined in the roadmap a series of online webinars for the expert group are planned to take place in the upcoming months.* To maximize transparency, ensure inclusivity and participation from all regions, webinars will be organized at different times (e.g. 8 AM and 4 PM EAT). The presentations will be recorded, and voice-over made available in all UN languages on this page under Archive activities and webinars.

* Please note that the upcoming webinars are on hold as the roadmap is currently under revision based on comments received. Dates for future intersessional webinars will be confirmed in the new roadmap.